July Favourites : fashion, beauty, books and blogs

Welcome to my first post of favourites! I know I’m probably the last person to do this and people are probably creating a more fun version (mid-July faves, I don’t know?), but hey, better late than never, right?

Without further rambles, let’s go into what I’ve been loving this month. I’ve got some pretty cool stuff to show you.


Off-the-shoulder tops, New Look

I was very hesitant whether this style is really me, but it turned out I LOVE it! These tops are so easy to wear and the price point is just too good. The high street has come with some nice suggestions, however nothing beats New Look prices. I got the grey top (similar here) for 5 pounds in the sale (take that, Zara!) and the palm print one has just got in the sale for 5 pounds, too! Snap.

Basic white t-shirt, Lilla P

I hate overpaying for basic stuff! However, I convinced myself that spending 30 pounds on a white t-shirt is worth it because it is a) so damn white b) super soft and comfy c) a perfect balance between loose and fitted. It’s so important to invest in basics, and I’ve only just started to realise that. This t-shirt not only looks great but also didn’t fade or loosen up after the first wash, while so many of the cheap ones have (H&M, I’m looking at you!)


I snapped the red and white baby for 50p in a charity shop, since it just screamed to me “you want me, I’m so chic and classic”. Despite never being too much into scarves, worn on the neck they look pretty sexy and classy. And no, I totally don’t care if you mistake me with a flight attendant.

Another New look find I’ve been wearing so much this month (do you spot a tendency here?). I knew I wanted a leather jacket for the summer because in Scotland it never really gets THAT hot. This one is perfect because it’s in such a nice, summery creamy shade. It looks way more appropriate than your typical black one, and it’s the perfect substitute of a bomber jacket if you’re not jumping into that trend.

Converse-like sneakers

These are not real Converse, however I wanted to test whether the style would suit me before splashing 40 quid on an original one. Oh my, where have I been? These shoes are so great, they look equally well with jeans and more formal pants, even with skirts. I also love the grey colour cause it’s a bit of a break into my all-black shoe collection, which can get pretty boring at times. If you’ve never had a pair of Converse sneakers, I highly recommend trying one (tip: try your local charity shops, I snapped mine for just 4 pounds).


Tangle teezer

I know that now pretty much everyone has their own little magical brush, however as I said I’m a bit slow sometimes to jump on trends. However, the Tangle Teezer is a real hero because it always leaves my hair untangled (what a surprise! ) and shiny. It’s really suitable for wet hair and makes the whole process of carrying a brush in your handbag one idea simpler, and prettier.

Chanel Rouge Coco lipstic in 424 Edith

I’ve had this lipstick for over a year now, however I never really got into wearing it. Which is a pity because it was 25 quid, and it’s also such a beautiful, summery shade of pink. If you’re looking for an understated, cool toned pink that doesn’t look fake, this can be your go-to colour. The texture is also dreamy – a nice, creamy touch that lasts long on my lips

Coconut oil

Just a month ago I had only used this for cooking, but this month I read about coconut oil’s beauty benefits. Since then, I’ve used it three times as a hair masks, twice as a facial mask and numerous times instead of a body lotion. It’s so good, guys! If you’ve never fallen into the trend that coconut oil is, I highly recommend. Make sure you buy virgin, organic and raw one despite it being slightly pricey. It’s worth paying to avoid additives or coservants that dillute the quality of the otherwise superb oil.

Clinique Moisture Surge overnight mask

I’ve been on a hunt for an overnight solution since in the morning moisturising falls last on my to-do list. This is perfect for all the busy girls, since you literally need two drops to apply all over your face. It is suitable even for sensitive skin, absorbs really quickly and feels great on the skin! The price is a bit hefty (30 pounds) but you get so much product it can last you for up to 6 months of regular use. Plus, it’s in such a gorgeous pink shade!


This road I ride, Juliana Buhring

I have to admit this is the first book I’ve read since I came back from Singapore. The sole reason is that many books simply got boring after a while. Not this one, though! Juliana is the first woman to cycle around the world, and she did it in an incredible 150 days, setting a new record. It’s a great travel book, however I really liked the personal growth element of it. Juliana was misfortunate to grow up in a cult, being thrown into many places all over the world. However, I loved how strong she has become, and how she conquered this challenge like a boss. A must-read!

The Bingo Theory, Mimi Ikonn

I’ve done a whole blog post on the 5 reasons I believe you should read this book, but in short it’s such an eye-opener for many people, including me. It talks about the masculine and feminine energy within each of us, and how an imbalance can affect every aspect of your life. It gives a practical advice on how to become the perfect bingo (a balanced person), plus it provides help for healing relationships with your partner, family and friends.

PORTER magazine

I’ve seen so many bloggers photographing a strange, unknown magazine named PORTER. After looking it up, I found out it’s by the creators of Net-a-Porter, the leading designer fashion website. However, despite all the lust-worthy items inside that I can’t afford, I was surprised how much TEXT there was in the magazine. It’s become the norm for so many fashion magazines to completely ignore writing, so it was a breath of fresh air to read the wonderfully written full pages, as well as enjoy the gorgeous photography. If you’re into fashion, beauty, art or generally a beautiful lifestyle, this one is a must!

DIY Marble notebook

I’ve had a gorgeous pink Leuchtturm notebook for a few months now, and wanted to spice it up a little bit. It’s super easy and inexpensive to do – all you need is adhesive marble paper and 15 minutes. I’ll be doing a tutorial on this soon, so stay tuned!


Lydia Elise Millen

I found Lydia’s blog just a few months ago, and was immediately hooked by her impecable taste in fashion, and well, life in general. She’s been blogging for a fair few years now, but she’s gaining momentum with the speed of light. She’s seriously funny, relatable and so down-to-earth, something you wouldn’t normally expect from such a beautiful lady. Watch out Lydia as she’s overtaking the blogging world by a storm. I love her styling blog posts the most, as she can make a 10-pound ASOS top look classy and expensive by pairing it with the right accessories (over which I’m only lusting). Definitely a face to watch (and read)!


Maybe you’re not new to Stephanie’s blog, but I only found her in July, and I binge-read almost every post she’s ever written. She writes in an amazingly engaging way, giving super practical tips on everything from beauty and fashion to dealing with anxiety and weight issues. Her blogging tips are serious game changers, too! I’ve learn a lot about anything analytics related, some amazing photography tips and tricks and I’ve been seriously envious of her amazing Instagram skills. Check out her blog, I’m sure you’ll find something to love!

Thirteen Thoughts

Paula can easily be described as a beauty with brains. She’s got a serious obsession with makeup and has the best, most trustworthy recommendations for any beauty-related question. I also love her Girl Talk series – they’re an amazing, real, inspiring read, and you can learn a lot from her experience. Did I mention that she’s not a full-time blogger but a paralegal? You would definitely not suspect that, as the quality of everything she produces is simply great! She has some enviable photography skills, and gives me hope that following her tips, I can achieve similar results one day.

Definitely check out those ladies, they’re amazing.

Do you have any favourites of the month? I’d be so happy if you share with me one thing you loved this month!