Great value and attention, great rooms, overall building and fantastic food!

On our way to Belize and following our holiday there, we remained altogether for 3 nights at the Hotel. The Resort is at the secure Small Business Center of Cancun. Many restaurants and stores are nearby. It is situated in a side road. During the night it is quiet. Everything at the hotel was quite clean. The breakfast buffet is significant, and everything was new. The entire staff of the resort was very favorable. The Resort is actually a surprisingly excellent place to remain at Cancun.

Fantastic resort, it’s immaculate, fantastic company, fantastic food, the swimming pool is excellent, so the one thing which I don’t offer the 5.0 for and that I think it’s significant is they make the distinction quite noticeable when you obtained the reservation through service in this situation TripAdvisor.

They remove transport to the airport just for this reason and that I feel that a customer is a customer of any sort, to me specifically, my acquaintances consult me to get traveling recommendations, and it’s clear that I suggest based on adventures. Even so, our stay was quite agreeable.

Overall we had a fun time. If remaining at the downtown area and need a fantastic base for a couple of days, this is a superb alternative. A tidy, well-presented hotel with all the amenities you want to feel in your home. The service, particularly the bell boys, safety is incredibly vast and provide you all of the info that you want. Would recommend.

I remained at Adhara resort for a week and could explain the experience as a nice one. People always recommend great activities such as cozumel private tour guides near to Cancun.

Definitely, among the most significant things that they must provide is that their breakfast buffet (which costs around 10 euros per person). Furthermore, they also have a beautiful pool, a desk with a beneficial agent that provides a vast array of excursions and a fitness center that has a fantastic view.

The dimensions of this room are very adequate and their employees general friendly and useful. A couple of regions of chance would be the soundproofing in the rooms (we could listen to the TV and a few discussions from neighboring rooms in addition to the dawn alarm clock of this person above us) plus greater upkeep of the fitness center as almost half of that machinery that there were malfunctioning.

The hotel was hard to find initially in the bus station as street names aren’t local and signed tourist maps are wrong. We don’t have worried. Everything was great. Location is excellent (very close to the bus station and Av Tulum if you use the shortcut beyond the grocery store ), it’s quiet and secure. Everything functions, wifi, hot water, space cleaning, aircon, and the employees are incredibly prompt to fulfill demands and rather beneficial. Our room was spacious with simple to work with secure and coffee maker.