Great service and food in the afternoon

I managed to eat here twice during my trip to The Pyramid. The first meal was fantastic, but I found the service to be missing during our next trip. I’d even say the server completely forgot about our desk. We’d enjoy the meal but believed we squandered the best aspect of the day indoors waiting for this. I would suggest this restaurant to anybody wanting a relaxed yummy meal which has time to spare.

My mother and I took a last minute week long holiday in the Oasis Cancun Grand. A team member said I needed to attempt Careyes because I’m a foodie. Well, this is a few of the very best advice I received in the hotel. From the team to the final bite, it was the ideal experience. I totally loved Eduardo, he’s a joy. He made sure what we needed was provided and that he did with a grin and even laughter. We had a terrific time, and the food and air is the tip of this iceberg. Eduardo was so pleasant to get consent for me to take my own desert back into my private room, and it was yummy at midnight.

Tonight all of the staff were so accommodating: Eduardo, Gabriel, Angel, Noe, Fausto, Paulino, and Yatzil made us feel really welcome because we were quite tired from traveling. The food has been exceptional, and I would suggest this restaurant to anybody staying in the region. I also suggest a tour to a cozumel snorkeling coral reef. Amazing experience.

When picking dinner for the night, we have had to return to Careyes each moment! The ceremony was outstanding, and the food is terrific. It was really worth staying in the pyramid merely to get this as a food choice! The supervisor Yatzil approached us with a grin and walked us fast each time we arrived (3 times total). Fausto was friendly and kept us laughing the whole time. Wonderful team!

The restaurant is clean and beautiful. Yatzil and her fantastic staff such as Eduardo, Gabriel, Angel, Noe, Fausto, and Paulino are incredibly kind and professional, they know what they’re talking about, and the food is outstanding. The margaritas are excellent!

Careyes is ideal! We ate here each day of our holiday, and the food is exceptional! Yatzil, Eduardo, Gabriell, Angel, Noe, Fausto, and Paulino are so friendly and really care about what you would like and are so very accommodating! I would advise Careyes to everybody. You may love it as much as we all did!

Yatzil is amazing. The restaurant is clean and lovely, the food is excellent every single time, and the staff is amazingly valuable. We had been here for a week, and we ate in Careyes daily. We urge the filet mignon!