Awesome place to stay

Enjoy an excellent stay here. I rented a personal room. Highly advised. It was the ideal place to stay to have a feeling of this city. Most excellent taco stand at the Sayulita is next door and available each evening. Super popular with sailors.

I remained here for around 5 months and should I return this is where I will be staying. Perhaps not a party hostel, which matches my life entirely. Clean and friendly employees, you simply can not fail with all the fantastic hostel.

My brother and I remained for two weeks with all the Amazing. It was the ideal foundation for us to dive and surf. We have friendly experiences with the team and quite a clean, welcoming area. We’d definitely stay in the Amazing and recommend it to people searching to get precisely the exact same experience.

This a beautiful place to stay, it’s private rooms and shared rooms, this equally with divided common areas (sites to have a shower or tables to consume meals ). It’s a refreshing swimming pool and also at the kitchen that the food is admired for everybody. The area is cleaned every day for volunteers, and they’re really kind men and women.

We arrived at The Wonderful Hostel Sayulita after spending a few days in Puerto Vallarta. It was beautiful to visit a little city like what Vallarta had been previously. The hostel was somewhat tricky to find but well worth it once we came.

It was tranquil there, and we could relax from the pool and revel in the jungle over. There were a couple of other guests that we socialized with – they recommended us to try a cozumel snuba diving tour in the Caribe. Overall it was a pleasant stay.

Fantastic place and easy to discover from the bus station with hints on the way. The staff was quite friendly and helpful. Great familiar places along with a rooftop laundry space.