A totally unique experience

Words fail me. The experience was exceptional along with the meals artfully presented. Though place as an intimate air, it was almost like it was for me. All of the food was great – even though unexpected. Though I am sure, you will find to be a couple of standouts to anyone’s palate. Unless you’re quite laid back, however, I would suggest not having this solo, as every class (or snack ) is spaced out.

We were not sure what to expect coming in, but we had been so pleased to have gone. The food was really yummy and intriguing, it enables you to think about each and every bite! And the team did an excellent job of helping it flow from course to course, describing everything in between so well. We had the joy of meeting with the chef on the way out, together with all the beautiful rose I had been given alongside a gorgeous menu to check over and take home later! A need to go for anybody coming to Cancun!

Props to Chef Ignacio Del Rio Mora for preparing a lovely 21 class meal for my friends and I. I had the chance to see at April 2018, also needed to return again. We were somewhat disappointed that the beverages weren’t included this time. But it was amazing!

When we arrived at the resort, we were told about this particular restaurant by the team but every other guest we met. Everybody talked about how amazing it was, and it wasn’t to be overlooked. We reserved but were worried that the hype would be better compared to the encounter. All I can say is it had been everything that we promised and much more besides. We had a 22 class experience and appreciated every second of it. The initial five classes were at the pub, and I really don’t want to say more because I really don’t want to spoil the experience.

We had an excellent adventure at Benazuza Restaurant. We enjoyed every moment beginning with the yummy cocktails all of the way before the desserts. We’ve eaten in lots of restaurants across the globe, and this is up there with all the best ones! They did inquire while reserving our reservations if anybody had allergies or food tastes. The air was classy and intimate. The cocktails (they left one suspect what they were) were clarified and about the way they sparked the palate. These are cocktails which nobody has experienced before (or we have not ). Also, the waiter talked us about when is the best time for fishing in riviera maya, something we are very interested.

This vulnerability was completed before you got seated at the table. They seated individuals in the restaurant at various quiet locations. They appeared to initiate the experience with just 8 people at one time in order to not hurry either the waiters as well as even yourself. Absolutely yummy! In the start, the”guys” believed they were going to starve; nonetheless, pleasantly since the tastings/plates came, one by one it began to gradually fill the appetite.

Amazing restaurant. They had been complete at the conclusion. As sommeliers, we purchased two of those wine pairings. They served a white, champagne, red and rose wine. Each of the components on the plate were clarified as well as the wine pairings too. The wines weren’t up to par with what I’m utilized to but they did a superb job of pairing the wine and food. I’m not a huge fan of Mexican wine (I know that seems snobbish). The wait staff was exceptionally attentive and made sure our expertise was thoroughly clarified and appreciated. It’s essential if you’re a foodie.