Excellent Japanese Cuisine Bar

The air is inviting and open in this restaurant. Staff would be the Finest in Mexico. Food was next to none excellent! Fresh sushi, an exceptional fusion of old Japan and original new ideas. Family style ingestion makes for a beautiful experience! Can not wait to return and try it again.

We have been in Cancun for two months and been almost daily! The service was perfect throughout the entire time. Along with the degree of this food is just perfection! We love this place, and since if it is very great deals we’d suggest this to everybody, even if it’s only for one of the delicious desserts! Ps. Whatever you pick on the menu it is delicious!

Adal, our host, cared for us he explained regarding the trees around the road which you may view from the patio. The rolls are beautiful, and they have a few vegetarian choices. The coffee is quite good too. The tempura ice cream has been better than ice cream but it tasted great, that’s the only point to improve.

My adult daughter and I had a fun dinner. Food was yummy, and the service was friendly. We enjoyed discussing sushi and producing our own noodle dishes. The restaurant has been renovated, so it was somewhat hard to locate the entry, but my understanding is it will be finished in ancient 2019.

I had been curious with Samura after studying another Traveling Advisor review and recommendations like the riviera maya snorkeling excursions near to our hotel. Whenever we walked in, we had been taken from the decoration subsequently greeted by a team member, an seated. The menu has been clarified by our waiter and assistant. We actually liked the house music which was played. It had been at a level which didn’t interfere with dialogue.

Each dish has been exceptional from appetizer to dessert. I have enjoyed plenty of fantastic dining experiences at Japanese restaurants, but that is my favorite. The staff and management should be commended.

This restaurant has been a wonderful casual find! The air was very fresh and had a fantastic soundtrack playing during our meal. We sat in the bar and saw the chefs, Luis and Alejandro, professionally prepare sashimi along with other new foods directly in front of us. They answered our questions regarding the restaurant along with their expertise. Luis gave us a free appetizer (which was not recorded on the menu) of tasty lettuce and pineapple roll. The food was fresh and indeed reminded us of eating in Japan!

This place was awesome!

We visited this restaurant twice this trip, and all four people had good meals at affordable rates. The fish fettuccini and grab of the day proved especially lovely though I do not believe that you can go wrong with anything on the menu. Very refreshing and right over the shore.

Leaving Flamingos, a fantastic location. We attempted several beers, ribeye beef and a couple of desserts. The supervisor arrives at the table also clarifies the sauces for your chips. Exceptional food service. I hope I return to Mexico. I’d certainly return.

We moved as a little set to celebrate the 50th birthday, and dining out on the sand at the day was terrific. The waiter recommended a fire fruit caipirinha that was delicious. The fish and calamari appetizers were filled with taste, a number of the best we have had. Mauricio, the supervisor, was quite pleasant and the wait staff was super friendly. Their birthday tribute to our buddy was quite entertaining. I highly recommend it.

Read about this location through TripAdvisor and decided to give it a try. Met my brother and his spouse in Cancun for an impromptu family reunion, and we all led to Flamingo’s. Seafood is abundant and fresh at high rates.

Jose and Pepe were our waiters and took outstanding care of us. I would advise Flamingo’s for a tasty seafood dinner. Take note it is a bit far from the resort zone (approximately thirty minutes cab ride for 400 pesos) but well worth it.

Service: Friendly, you will find sufficient capable of speaking and comprehending English, and also do a fantastic job in providing exceptional support and recommendations like fly fishing in boca paila with great people. Food: ” I had just a few things on the menu, a garlic fillet- a grouper- with veggies and rice together with water. Everything was new and thrilled my taste buds. A beach alongside you while sitting at a superb open-air construction. It might not be for everybody, but I doubt many people would despise the encounter. Also simply to top things off, you can arrive at the shore and use the pool at no cost. Clean too. Cost: Worth it.

OVERALL: Simply because this location isn’t near the primary tourist place doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t pay a visit to this location. Flamingo is a gem that deserves additional attention for the top quality food and service they supply. I know that not everybody is going to have the exact same amazing time that I had here, but it will be rare for anybody to never walk off with a grin in their face. Read about this location through TripAdvisor and decided to give it a try. Met my brother and his spouse in Cancun for an impromptu family reunion, and we all led to Flamingo’s. Seafood is abundant and fresh at great rates. I would advise Flamingo’s for a tasty seafood dinner. Take note it is a bit far from the resort zone (about thirty minutes cab ride for 400 pesos) but well worth it.

A totally unique experience

Words fail me. The experience was exceptional along with the meals artfully presented. Though place as an intimate air, it was almost like it was for me. All of the food was great – even though unexpected. Though I am sure, you will find to be a couple of standouts to anyone’s palate. Unless you’re quite laid back, however, I would suggest not having this solo, as every class (or snack ) is spaced out.

We were not sure what to expect coming in, but we had been so pleased to have gone. The food was really yummy and intriguing, it enables you to think about each and every bite! And the team did an excellent job of helping it flow from course to course, describing everything in between so well. We had the joy of meeting with the chef on the way out, together with all the beautiful rose I had been given alongside a gorgeous menu to check over and take home later! A need to go for anybody coming to Cancun!

Props to Chef Ignacio Del Rio Mora for preparing a lovely 21 class meal for my friends and I. I had the chance to see at April 2018, also needed to return again. We were somewhat disappointed that the beverages weren’t included this time. But it was amazing!

When we arrived at the resort, we were told about this particular restaurant by the team but every other guest we met. Everybody talked about how amazing it was, and it wasn’t to be overlooked. We reserved but were worried that the hype would be better compared to the encounter. All I can say is it had been everything that we promised and much more besides. We had a 22 class experience and appreciated every second of it. The initial five classes were at the pub, and I really don’t want to say more because I really don’t want to spoil the experience.

We had an excellent adventure at Benazuza Restaurant. We enjoyed every moment beginning with the yummy cocktails all of the way before the desserts. We’ve eaten in lots of restaurants across the globe, and this is up there with all the best ones! They did inquire while reserving our reservations if anybody had allergies or food tastes. The air was classy and intimate. The cocktails (they left one suspect what they were) were clarified and about the way they sparked the palate. These are cocktails which nobody has experienced before (or we have not ). Also, the waiter talked us about when is the best time for fishing in riviera maya, something we are very interested.

This vulnerability was completed before you got seated at the table. They seated individuals in the restaurant at various quiet locations. They appeared to initiate the experience with just 8 people at one time in order to not hurry either the waiters as well as even yourself. Absolutely yummy! In the start, the”guys” believed they were going to starve; nonetheless, pleasantly since the tastings/plates came, one by one it began to gradually fill the appetite.

Amazing restaurant. They had been complete at the conclusion. As sommeliers, we purchased two of those wine pairings. They served a white, champagne, red and rose wine. Each of the components on the plate were clarified as well as the wine pairings too. The wines weren’t up to par with what I’m utilized to but they did a superb job of pairing the wine and food. I’m not a huge fan of Mexican wine (I know that seems snobbish). The wait staff was exceptionally attentive and made sure our expertise was thoroughly clarified and appreciated. It’s essential if you’re a foodie.

Great Alternative to an All Inclusive

We stayed here for a week to get away from the food and drink overload at an all-inclusive, and to try something more affordable. We loved it. The best thing about the hotel is the service. Everyone was great – without exception. They were probably one of the best hotel staff we have encountered.

Initially, we had a suite on the first floor. It was a little dark, and the staff was able to move us to the 3rd floor which had a balcony. The rooms are enormous – worth the extra cost. Bottled water is provided every day. Breakfast was included. It was excellent with a decent selection of hot and cold foods.

There is a bank (bank machines) across the street, and a grocery/small department store about a 5 min walk away. You can purchase beer/wine /alcohol here and anything else you might need. There is a nice mall about a 10 min walk in the other direction where the most locals shop. Restaurants are abundant within walking distance.

One day we purchased a day pass for the all-inclusive sister resort (Cancun Palm) in the hotel zone for 660 MX, and also the staff recommended to check the el cielo beach cozumel location map for a tour. There is a free shuttle from the hotel that leaves at 1030 and returns at 6. Food and drink are included – not at all restaurants but at most, as are towels and chairs. It was a beautiful beach break day for an affordable price. I can’t say the food here was, but it was fine for a day. It was great to have the chance to be among locals, who were always very helpful and friendly. I would stay here again instead of an all-inclusive, particularly at this property.

Each of the staff members was fantastic! The resort itself is amazing, with a large stunning pool, palm trees, jacuzzis and a good deal of cabanas and places to unwind. The images don’t deceive! Our room was amazing and contemporary with a large and incredibly comfortable bed, large flat screen TV, counter tops and cupboard space and a gorgeous view of the pool! We had breakfast included, which includes a huge assortment of healthy choices which we really appreciated.

The hotel is situated downtown so it’s easy to research. It has the following conveniences: a grocery store, restaurants, souvenir stores, and a huge shopping mall (Plaza las Americas). There is a Walmart nearby! If you’re craving the shore, the resort zone is all about a 20-minute bus journey and buses are frequent, inexpensive and secure. We’d also advise that you go to the resort zone to your own partying and nightlife demands, as the Oh! Doesn’t offer a lot of nightlife. In reality, we wondered why it had been so quiet during the night and where everybody was!

But, there’s still some amusement provided here. This place have little live band performances from the pool Thurs-Sat evenings. Another aspect to think about is going on several tours as the hotel offers free transport to some. Additionally, as it is a sister resort to the Grand Oasis, we bought a day pass and didn’t regret it! It is a fantastic idea to make the most of that. We highly suggest the Oh! And would return again in a heartbeat! And, all of them remind you just how much Oasis enjoys its guests showing us about the back of their tops”Oasis Loves You”. We can not await our next excursion!

Great value and attention, great rooms, overall building and fantastic food!

On our way to Belize and following our holiday there, we remained altogether for 3 nights at the Hotel. The Resort is at the secure Small Business Center of Cancun. Many restaurants and stores are nearby. It is situated in a side road. During the night it is quiet. Everything at the hotel was quite clean. The breakfast buffet is significant, and everything was new. The entire staff of the resort was very favorable. The Resort is actually a surprisingly excellent place to remain at Cancun.

Fantastic resort, it’s immaculate, fantastic company, fantastic food, the swimming pool is excellent, so the one thing which I don’t offer the 5.0 for and that I think it’s significant is they make the distinction quite noticeable when you obtained the reservation through service in this situation TripAdvisor.

They remove transport to the airport just for this reason and that I feel that a customer is a customer of any sort, to me specifically, my acquaintances consult me to get traveling recommendations, and it’s clear that I suggest based on adventures. Even so, our stay was quite agreeable.

Overall we had a fun time. If remaining at the downtown area and need a fantastic base for a couple of days, this is a superb alternative. A tidy, well-presented hotel with all the amenities you want to feel in your home. The service, particularly the bell boys, safety is incredibly vast and provide you all of the info that you want. Would recommend.

I remained at Adhara resort for a week and could explain the experience as a nice one. People always recommend great activities such as cozumel private tour guides near to Cancun.

Definitely, among the most significant things that they must provide is that their breakfast buffet (which costs around 10 euros per person). Furthermore, they also have a beautiful pool, a desk with a beneficial agent that provides a vast array of excursions and a fitness center that has a fantastic view.

The dimensions of this room are very adequate and their employees general friendly and useful. A couple of regions of chance would be the soundproofing in the rooms (we could listen to the TV and a few discussions from neighboring rooms in addition to the dawn alarm clock of this person above us) plus greater upkeep of the fitness center as almost half of that machinery that there were malfunctioning.

The hotel was hard to find initially in the bus station as street names aren’t local and signed tourist maps are wrong. We don’t have worried. Everything was great. Location is excellent (very close to the bus station and Av Tulum if you use the shortcut beyond the grocery store ), it’s quiet and secure. Everything functions, wifi, hot water, space cleaning, aircon, and the employees are incredibly prompt to fulfill demands and rather beneficial. Our room was spacious with simple to work with secure and coffee maker.

Great service and food in the afternoon

I managed to eat here twice during my trip to The Pyramid. The first meal was fantastic, but I found the service to be missing during our next trip. I’d even say the server completely forgot about our desk. We’d enjoy the meal but believed we squandered the best aspect of the day indoors waiting for this. I would suggest this restaurant to anybody wanting a relaxed yummy meal which has time to spare.

My mother and I took a last minute week long holiday in the Oasis Cancun Grand. A team member said I needed to attempt Careyes because I’m a foodie. Well, this is a few of the very best advice I received in the hotel. From the team to the final bite, it was the ideal experience. I totally loved Eduardo, he’s a joy. He made sure what we needed was provided and that he did with a grin and even laughter. We had a terrific time, and the food and air is the tip of this iceberg. Eduardo was so pleasant to get consent for me to take my own desert back into my private room, and it was yummy at midnight.

Tonight all of the staff were so accommodating: Eduardo, Gabriel, Angel, Noe, Fausto, Paulino, and Yatzil made us feel really welcome because we were quite tired from traveling. The food has been exceptional, and I would suggest this restaurant to anybody staying in the region. I also suggest a tour to a cozumel snorkeling coral reef. Amazing experience.

When picking dinner for the night, we have had to return to Careyes each moment! The ceremony was outstanding, and the food is terrific. It was really worth staying in the pyramid merely to get this as a food choice! The supervisor Yatzil approached us with a grin and walked us fast each time we arrived (3 times total). Fausto was friendly and kept us laughing the whole time. Wonderful team!

The restaurant is clean and beautiful. Yatzil and her fantastic staff such as Eduardo, Gabriel, Angel, Noe, Fausto, and Paulino are incredibly kind and professional, they know what they’re talking about, and the food is outstanding. The margaritas are excellent!

Careyes is ideal! We ate here each day of our holiday, and the food is exceptional! Yatzil, Eduardo, Gabriell, Angel, Noe, Fausto, and Paulino are so friendly and really care about what you would like and are so very accommodating! I would advise Careyes to everybody. You may love it as much as we all did!

Yatzil is amazing. The restaurant is clean and lovely, the food is excellent every single time, and the staff is amazingly valuable. We had been here for a week, and we ate in Careyes daily. We urge the filet mignon!

Excellent Mexican Cuisine

The cab dropped us off, and we hardly walked, and we just knew this will be good, there was an immediate sense of atmosphere. We had a beautiful table for two on the patio outside, sitting alongside each other, looking on the water. The staff was attentive yet not happy, pleased to spell out the entire menu pointing their stresses yet we never believed they had been pushing us to dictate more… the food was terrific; refreshing, tasty, diverse and superbly presented. The mariachi band walked around, spending a brief time in the table before going away. Since it was my birthday, the team brought a cake along together with the group playing with us highlighting a really unforgettable evening, to not forget, the very best Mexican supper we had weekly ).

We’ve traveled to Cancun many times and always love trying restaurants beyond the resort. However, this is our first time to Porfirio’s, and it won’t be our last! We sat on the patio, and while it was a little warm at first, once the sunset, it was beautiful, and we had a fantastic view of the brightly colored balls from the water. My daughter and I shared with the guacamole using ribeye (YUMMMM) along with the cheese along with shrimp, served with both corn and wheat tortillas.

These beers were yummy. I strongly suggest the guac/ribeye particularly. The place is so exceptional and delicious. My daughter had the mezcal shrimp, along with the fish were so plentiful this dish might have been shared with 2. I merely have a Caesar salad, so my kid was so pleased to share that yummy fish.

Also, it had been such a fantastic tableside, flaming demonstration. We proposed the meal, understanding that we desired churros for dessert, and they were yummy too. An extremely generous serving which may be shared among four or three, although both of them ate them dipping them at the delicious sauces: chocolate, caramel, strawberry, vanilla. We blended the toppings, which left them even more flavorful. There are many things that I wish to test in Porfirio’s menu. I can not wait to return!

This restaurant has been recommended by our resort so as the amazing cozumel jeep and snorkel excursion. It was ideal for what we wanted. We could sit on the deck, and it was terrific. Emilio and Brayan were quite beneficial. We ended up getting too much food, but every dish was delicious and beautifully presented. That is definitely on our list if we return to Cancun. This was a truly unique evening. I strongly recommend the cocktails and cherry salad.

Nestled on the shore, Porfirio’s is a massive terrace which greets you so that you could be side by side with water. The waiter was educated and hospitable, and the food has been tremendous and higher quality. The music was loud and not Hispanic but loud music. Last time I was here I recalled the excellent music. A mariachi band arrived and gamers that they were terrific but just played around 5-7 minutes. They had been for hire in your desk for 600 pesos each tune. Parking is free, or you can valet. I would still come back to the food.

We arrived Porfirio’s just before sunset to get my brother in laws birthday. They had been fantastic to accommodate our large collection along with the views, service, and the food was superb! I strongly suggest the cheese appetizer. It was yummy. My husband got the surf and turf and that I had the lobster enchiladas. Both were really good.

Nice hotel with good wifi

The resort is clean, with generally friendly staff and a pretty good place in case you choose to live outside the”hotel zone”. Location: Close to a massive shopping mall with lots of brands and a large food court. A 7 min walk to a bus which takes you to the hotel zone as well as the beaches. It is not that much to do in the area though.

Hotel: Clean room that has a fantastic ac, comfy bed and good wifi connection. Nice common area. Unfortunately no direct sunlight in the outdoor area in which the pool is. The food is not the best (the breakfast from the menu was a tiny bit better though), and the breakfast that’s included is abysmal.

I have been there a few times, You ought to take the Jr. Suite it’s a really spacious area, beds and cushions good, clean space, minibar, freezer, the resort staff are incredibly kind, request Norman he’s the one, the restaurant possesses quite wonderful food, fantastic price, I suggest that the “arrachera pepito”, swimming pool, fitness center, and smoking place, I enjoy this place.

On the images, the resort looked quite luxurious because of its cost, so that my boyfriend and I were somewhat skeptical before birth, as we had been expecting some sort of catch/disappointment. To the contrary, the resort turned out to be what we hoped for and a whole lot more. So was the cozumel flats fishing charters experience we took two days later.

Everything was just perfect. It is the type of place that virtually makes you regret going from the hotel to find the rest of the city. The staff was super excellent and eager to assist. We made two distinct bookings for both nights we remained here, but they made sure that we didn’t have to undergo the problem of changing rooms. Altogether a wonderful experience.

Stayed here for one night last minute as I came down ill. The resort employees were incredibly accommodating, letting me check in 4 hours (for a charge ). The resort room was comfy, spacious and clean. I enjoyed the water bottles that they supplied and the cable television that had some stations in English. The space service arrived quickly but did not taste particularly great. Overall had a very comfy and safe-feeling remain – precisely what I wanted.

This Resort is situated in downtown Cancun quite close to some commercial mall, and they give a continental breakfast that’s exceptionally great in reality. The rooms are large and clean, this Resort is little, so occasionally you may listen to the folks in the other walking or places in the hallways. The staff is amiable and helpful throughout my stay had been raining a lot, and that I wanted a cab, the team try everything to help me to locate one they were slightly worried for me personally. I’ll definitely back soon, it is quite significant for company travel.

First Cruise – Impressed and will go on another Royal Caribbean cruise

This was my very first cruise, and I had been really pleased with the cleanliness, the ceremony, along with the meals. I anticipated to have bored on the boat but there was always something to do, and there were good shows to attend to each day.

It was excellent value for me personally, and this floating resort and entertainment park is fantastic for families and anybody with disabilities since it was secure, clean and enjoyable. I didn’t plan far for your cruise, but that’s the tremendous thing about cruises, you can just book the tickets, so pack your luggage and unwind as everything is cared for around the cruise.

The Royal Caribbean is a beautiful beachfront hotel with a massive pool area. It had been great for our family of 4 with a bedroom, and two pull down murphy beds in the living area. It’s also simple to use the adjacent Royal Islanders restaurant and swimming pool to get variety. A shuttle is given to additional “Royal” possessions Royal Sands and Royal Cancun that we used to have nearer to other nearby pursuits.

We stayed here 5 of the last 6 decades and hoped to go again based on forthcoming changes. All of us love the size, cleanliness, and design of the showers and suites. The staff recommended us amazing activities like sightseeing cozumel excursions. We love that it is not a large”party place”. This year introduced several more spring breakers, but no vast annoyances. Restaurant dimensions and staffing is somewhat decent although the food is marginal (which can be good enough for me). We have discovered that a significant remodel is in the works. Regardless of what next year holds up to the company model. Hopefully, it is not a fantastic thing coming to a conclusion.

The hotel is showing its age, but it’s well maintained and tidy. Check in and out was quick. Easy parking. Comfy beds. Peaceful stay. Potential improvements: much more amusement for younger children at the pool area, freshener for the bedroom area drawers that smell musty. Ocean was too mighty to acquire in. Next time we’ll search for a resort near Tortuga shore. The sea is far calmer there.

Beware if you’re planning to kayak, then this resort only has kayaks offered from the lagoon in which the vast crocodiles live. We chose to bypass the kayak and instead let a wave runner involving Tortuga and langosta shore. Wonderful ride!

Overall a fantastic experience in The Royal Caribbean. The maid went via our suitcases that the 1st moment. Along with the secure malfunctioned but I have it fixed. The room service was quite slow if you call the front desk at nighttime. The pillow is too high and that I have neck pain the following day. But it was not bad.

One of the best hotels I’ve ever been

Breakfast staff they have down it to a science always loads of food and sort. Housekeeping daily once we got back from an outing we arrived into a clean, refreshing space. This group takes PRIDE in what they’re doing. Produced a telephone for Engineering that they had been up in under 5 minutes.

An individual would guess if you’re this happy where you operate it should stem from the very top and trickle down to a group Ms. Cecilia (GM) thank you for a beautiful stay we’ll return.  On a side note, there’s Sam’s club there several places to eat at the mall.

Easy to access from airport. Parking is a bit funky… you need to have a ticket and park in the secure lot. However, they type it out in the desk. Grocery store next door, really simple to purchase mass water and stock up on snacks for the excursion. A fantastic taco place directly there too, where some guys talked to me about the cozumel fishing calendar. Really interesting. Should you arrive during regular business hours, then there are two banks at the complex for depositing money.

Longtime Diamond manhood here. Here is actually the first time that I’ve stayed at a Hilton property in Mexico because we had been laying over for a day until we headed down south. For people not having remained at Hilton properties in Mexico, allow me to highlight some notable differences between this land and sister Hampton Inn possessions in the U.S.1. Safety is somewhat higher here (apparent).

You’ll need your own card to use the lifts 24/7 it seems.2. This house is necessarily a part of a business/tourist park. Lots of eateries within walking distance- equally U.S. and Mexican.  There’s a Wal-Mart affiliated grocery shop inside this park. The company center is the open atmosphere – not burnt off and the computer will do the job. The staff consists of the usual exceptional Hilton quality, and their English is excellent.

The staff in Hampton Inn were amiable, the breakfast was terrific. The area tidy, quiet and the bed comfy. Additionally, in the immediate area (walking distance), you will find plenty of restaurants, stores and a theater that was perfect for us, following a very long drive back from Rio Lagartos we desired convenience. We had a lovely swim at the pool that helped alleviate the aches of overly long in the vehicle. Fantastic value for money would surely stay here again.

After facing a challenging time using another booking with Booking.Com, we had no choice but to book another hotel as we’d been drained after a long trip and being stuck in the airport 3 hours after we landed. Management might have been harder, employing a previous and past useful mindset. Bathroom could have been cleaner. Bellmen Victor and Breakfast employees are a Wonderful Benefit to the home.

Author: Mili Velikova